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Equality in ETSE


The ETSE is committed to gender equality, following UPF's institutional guidelines and the current legal framework.

Institutionally, the Equality Unit is responsible for implementing the actions and measures provided for in the UPF Equality Plan while disseminating the reality of gender inequality between the university community and society.

To monitor this objective, each centre has the figure of the Equality Manager, who is the reference person in the School for issues related to gender equality.

The Equality Manager of the ETSE is responsible for:

  • Implement the measures provided for in the Extranet Equality Plan aimed at centers.
  • Promote and promote UPF's equality policies at the Faculty.
  • Liaison between the centre and the Equality Unit.
  • Since the 2019-10 academic year, it has prepared an annual Equality report describing the actions to promote equality that have been carried out in the center.
  • Any other function attributed to it by current regulations or entrusted by the director


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