Universitat Rovira i Virgili


  • School Deans
  • Jordi Grifoll Taverna
    From 01/13/1993 to 05/14/1993
    Josep Antón Ferré Vidal
    From 05/14/1993 to 11/09/1995
    Lluís Martínez Salamero
    From 11/13/1995 to 03/22/2002
    Josep Domingo Ferrer
    From 03/22/2002 to 02/26/2005
    Javier Maixé Altés
    From 02/26/2005 to 06/06/2013
    Domènec S. Puig Valls
    From 05/06/2013 to 06/11/2018
    Xavier Vilanova Salas
    From 06/12/2018 to 06/09/2022
    Àngel Cid Pastor
    From 06/10/2022 to present



The University School of Industrial Engineering (known as the Escola Universitària d'Enginyeria Tècnica Industrial in Catalan) in Tarragona, derived from what was the Technical College (Universitat Laboral) founded by the Ministry of Work in 1956, became part of the former Technical University of Catalonia. It offered students the possibility of studying "Industrial Training" (the old name given to this degree) in the specialities of Mechanics, Electronics and Chemistry.



The Catalan Parliament created the Universitat Rovira i Vigili. The University School of Computer Science in Tarragona and the University School of Industrial Engineering disappeared, and their courses, as well as the previously mentioned speciality in Industrial Chemistry, were absorbed by the present-day School of Engineering.

Fotografia aèrea de l'antiga Universidad Laboral Vestíbul de l'ETSE a la Universitat Laboral Aulari de l'ETSE a la Universitat Laboral
The School of Engineering at the Technical College



The following degrees were segregated: Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemical Engineering, speciality in Industrial Chemistry. These programmes were now taught by the newly created School of Chemical Engineering (ETSEQ).

Inauguració del curs 95-96 Inauguració del curs 95-96
Opening of the academic year 1995-1996

Inauguració del curs 95-96
Computer room at the Technical College



The School moved to the new facilities in Sescelades Campus

Edifici en construcció Inauguració de l'ETSE i ETSEQ Inauguració de l'ETSE i ETSEQ
Building and inauguration of the schools of Engineering and Chemical Engineering

imatge etse
Sescelades Campus today



The School of Engineering celebrated its first graduation ceremony.


The Exhibition Room of the School of Engineering was inaugurated (hall of building E4), where one can glance at the history of our School and our degrees.

Museu de l'ETSE
ETSE Museum