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The Engineering School of URV (ETSE) welcomes every year students from all around the world that want to take some Bachelor or Master engineering courses.

ETSE Internationalization Reports

ETSE Internationalization Reports

Within the framework of the ETSE's commitment to continuous improvement, from the course 2020-21 the center prepares a report in order to collect and evaluate internationalization and mobility actions, and thus, propose improvement actions every academic year (only available in Catalan).

The Bachelor studies offered by ETSE include different Engineering studies on Computer Science, Electronics, Electrics, Telecommunications, Biomedics, and Mathematics+Physics. Please note that most of these courses are taught in Catalan or Spanish, as described in their Educational Guides. However, some courses are offered in English and, in many cases, lecturers offer a personalized tutoring service in English, so that you can study the course material and make the practical exercises and exams in English.

It is worth noting that the Bachelor Degree on Electrical Engineering (GEE) and theBachelor Degree on Electronic Industrial and Automatic Engineering (GEEIiA) have the European label EUR-ACE, and the Bachelor Degree on Computer Engineering (GEI) has the European label EuroINF. These labels confirm that the degrees have the highest quality level required by European standards.

ETSE also offers some Master courses on Computer Security, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Engineering and Electric Vehicles Technologies. The Master on Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence  and the Master on Electric Vehicle Technologies are offered fully in English. The URV courses of the UPC-URV-UB Master on Artificial Intelligence are also offered in English.

Bachelor and Master studies are organized in two semesters: Fall (from September to January) and Spring (from February to June). Courses are usually offered only on one of the semesters, so you should check carefully if the courses in which you are interested can be taken in the appropriate semester.

If you intend to come to Tarragona to take some of our Engineering courses, the first thing you should do is to contact the mobility coordinator of the studies you plan to attend. You can then discuss your interests with him/her, find the most appropriate courses and establish the Learning Agreement between URV and your host institution.

Foreign students coming to URV should also contact the I-Center (International Center) of URV, which supports incoming students in all their needs (accommodation, insurance, administrative issues, etc.).

Thanks for your interest in the Engineering courses at URV! We look forward to welcoming you in Tarragona soon! Do not hesitate to contact us to solve any doubt before your visit.