Universitat Rovira i Virgili


Degree qualifications

As part of the URV's efforts to establish a new series of official graduate and postgraduate degrees adapted to the EHEA, the ETSE has verified and authorized the following degree qualifications:

Engineering degrees

► Degree in Electronic Industrial and Automatic Engineering - GEEIiA

► Degree in Electrical Engineering - GEE

► Degree in Computer Engineering - GEI

► Degree in Telecommunication Systems and Services Engineering - GESST

► Degree in Biomedical Engineering - GEB

► Degree in Techniques for Developing Web and Mobile Applications - GTDAWiM

► Degree in Telematics Engineering - GET In extinction

Masters' degrees

► Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence - MIA

Interuniversity Master recognized by the mention "International Master's Programme". Universities: UPC (coordinator), UB and URV

► Master's Degree in Security of the Information and Communication Technologies - MISTIC

Interuniversity master. Participant Universities: UOC (coordinator), UAB, U.Illes Balears, URV

► Master's Degree in Computational Engineering and Mathematics - MECMAT

Interuniversity. Participant Universities: UOC, URV(coordinator)

► Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering - MEI

Master enable for carry on regulated profession

► Master's Degree in Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence - MESIIA

► Master's Degree in Electric Vehicle Technologies - MEVTECH

► Master's Degree in Engineering and Technology of Electronic Systems - METSE In extinction

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