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The ETSE has a strong commitment to internationalization of its activities, both in academic research and aligned with the policy of the URV as embodied in the Strategic Plan for Internationalization.

This commitment is articulated in the following strategic areas:

  • Centre to give visibility internationally.
  • Strengthen the capacity of internationalization of the activities towards the socio-economic environment.
  • Fostering Internationalisation at Home (IaH).
  • Consolidate / promote the internationalization of the courses taught at the School of Engineering.
  • Adapting teaching offer international audiences.
  • Increasing mobility.
  • Internationalizing the transfer of knowledge and technology.

Among the skills that are increasingly seeking more companies hiring graduates are to develop properly in international environments and adapt to new situations. Obviously, the best way to take these skills is part of their studies in another university, to be foreign.

This mobility URV is managed through the I-Center will inform you on all the details on the various programs (schedules, deadlines, announcements, ...)

External work experience

If your interest is realized external work experience, the foreign companies that previously have had students of our school are:

  • JLM Innovation (students of the Degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering)
  • Procter & Gamble (students of the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering)

More information and contact

The ETSE have appointed a coordinator in each degree for those who can go for you recommend a specific destination based on your needs and help you choose which subjects to study for mobility.

If you can not take mobility to another university, there is the possibility of participating in the Mentor Program that lets you interact with foreign students.

Mobility experiences

More experiences...

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