Universitat Rovira i Virgili



View of the Campus Sescelades

Fotografia ETSE

Offices - Building E4

Ground floor, secretary and direction

fotografia etse

First floor, Offices and research laboratories

foto primera planta

Second floor, Offices and research laboratories

foto segona planta

Third floor, Offices and research laboratories

foto tercera planta

Classrooms - Building E1

Ground floor, bar and services

foto aules planta baixa

First floor classrooms

foto aules primera planta

Second floor classrooms

foto aules segona planta

Laboratories - Building E3

Ground floor

foto labs planta baixa

First floor Laboratories

foto labs primera planta

Second floor Laboratories

foto labs segona planta

Third floor Laboratories

foto labs tercera planta

Library and CRAI - Building E2

First floor Library

foto biblioteca planta baixa

Second floor Library

foto biblioteca primera planta

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