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Double degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronic, Industrial and Automatic Engineering

Degree Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics and Automation aims fundamental training for the exercise of the profession of industrial engineer. It has a dual nature generalist / specialist should enable the employment of graduate / da in the wide range of activities that currently serves the industrial engineer with powers that are regulated by law.

How Industrial Engineers have some attributes that allow a variety of career options. Within the Company may exercise its professional activity in virtually all sectors of the industry, especially those directly related to the Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Automation, developing projects from the departments: studio projects and R & D, manufacturing and process engineering and equipment maintenance. They can also act as directors and managers of industrial enterprises.

Both degrees are perfectly complemented by having unlimited powers depending on their specialty. Future graduates have skills ranging from the design of industrial electronic equipment, control and automation of production processes, design of electronic circuits, sensors and actuators, to the design, construction and maintenance of power plants, transmission lines and power distribution electric transformer substations, low voltage and electrical design and control of electrical machines. The degree also enables the design of advanced electronic systems that can be applied in areas ranging from control systems for automotive to medicine even going to improve energy efficiency. The graduate / da in this dual degree must ensure to minimize the environmental impact of aspects of their work, and how to use renewable energy and environmental technologies in the production of electricity.

Branch: Science & Engineering and Architecture
Minimum duration: 4 years
Places: 10
Hours (1r course): Morning and afternoon
Languages used: Catalan, Spanish
Center: Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria (ETSE)
Contact Email: doblegrau.eea@urv.cat

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