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Double degree in Computer Engineering and Biotechnology

One of the most prominent and most influential scientific work in recent years in biotechnology is called in-silico biotechnology. This is characterized by the use of computer technology in biotechnological processes. Closely related to this field, bioinformatics or computational biology uses computer systems for analysis, modeling, simulation and creation biology.

Within this global reality at all Catalonia is launching a whole institutional infrastructure, business and university aimed to make our country a world leader in bioinformatics and biotechnology. This initiative, led by Biocat (www.biocat.cat) and supported by the Catalan Society of Biology (SCB) and bioinformatics platform Barcelona (BiB) of which the Rovira i Virgili in part is crystallized in a movement uniting and integrating where the figure of two professional university education in computer engineering and biotechnological processes is necessary.

An initial review of the offer double degree in Catalan universities betrayed grace, today, offer a double degree in computer engineering and biotechnology. We thus presents an opportunity to organize a double degree with high profile professional, scientific and simultaneously the first Catalan university does.

Branch: Science & Engineering and Architecture
Minimum duration: 5 years
Places: 10
Hours (1r course): Morning and afternoon
Languages used: Catalan, Spanish and English
Center: Facultat d'Enologia (FE) i Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria (ETSE)
Contact Email : biogei@urv.cat

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