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The importance of communicating effectively in English for future ETSE engineers

16-11-2017 | Technical English

Today's global and competitive world needs young engineers who are flexible and innovative in problem solving, but also effective communicators capable of working collaboratively in English. In order to be prepared for the unique demands of the 21st century world, engineering students have to be able to communicate in English to operate in the real world. At ETSE, we are aware of our engineering students’ needs, both academic and professional, and we offer them the opportunity to develop and practice communication skills in English, which will enhance their prospects of employability. Students' oral presentations form part of the academic curriculum of engineering degrees at ETSE. In the compulsory course "Technical English", a group of professors from the English department, with experience in the field of English for Specific Purposes, prepare students to make effective presentations and help them become better professionals who can cope with the demands of internationalization.

The following video clips are examples of oral presentations by ETSE students. They include a variety of topics related to engineering and can show you the level of English of many of our students.


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