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Services of CITEE


The aim of the Centre is that the service hired by the client company has a good quality and it's appropriate to their needs.

The Centre gives an extreme importance to the confidentiality of information and the protection of the existing and new know-how .


The set of services can be classified as:

  • Study of technical and economic viability of the product. This service is interesting when the idea is very innovative and the company needs additional information before the development of a future project. Among other things, these studies include the technical specification, the planning and the approximate cost of production.
  • R&D&I project . This project performs all necessary designs (hardware and software) to develop the specified product. The result of the project is the prototype, properly tested in real conditions, and the documents suitable for mass production. The project is divided into stages to facilitate its tracking by the Customer.
  • Support for serial production of the designed product.
  • Support to create new applications after the development of the system.
  • Find financial grants from administration for the development of R&D&I and its subsequent application in the customer's production line.

Project results

The result of the project consists basically of:

  • A true prototype, tested and ready to be industrialized immediately.
  • Documentation for the mass production of the card: copper board, component list, assembly tips and reference prices of manufacture.
  • Operating system (executable) on card.
  • If the project is specified to be programmable by the customer, then it includes tools for application programming.
  • The hardware design of the cards is very elaborated: it allows the combination of control and power electronics; the cards can be multilayered, with any category of layout, and different thicknesses of copper for power systems. The technology components can be combined SMD and through-hole.

Advantages of working with the center CITEE

  • The client company, through the project results (prototypes, documents and meetings), increases the own know-how.
  • This know-how allows to the client company a stable production, making it independent of the unwanted changes in the specifications of the equivalent equipment of the market.
  • Since the solution solves the whole project specifications, then it is not required to buy equipment from third parties. Furthermore, this eliminates the need to integrate systems from multiple different manufacturers (and avoid possible non-compatibilities).
  • The design of the cards is made for an easy application of it: their size and shape, wiring, protection, ease of assembly, etc.
  • Since it has standard communication protocols, devices can communicate with conventional market systems (eg PLCs).
  • The production cost of the equipment are designed to be far below the cost of all the systems that are required to obtain similar performance features (PLCs, operator panels, communications, power, etc.).
  • The centre offers a technical support after the project execution, facilitating its implementation.
  • Usually the Government encourages this activity with financial support for the innovation in the form of grant and/or credits.
  • The centre has experience in differents types of products and sectors (industrial, automobile, rail, food, etc.).
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