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Some applications of the technologies of the Centre are the following:

Machine automation

Packaging machines.

Industrial coffee roasters.

Braided textile machinery.

Machines for the treatment of wastewater.

Smart devices with fieldbus communication

Proportional electro-valves.

Linear and rotary positioners.

Conveyor belts.

Frequency inverters for AC motor control and additional control functions.

Speed/position drivers for DC and DC-brusless motors.

Equipment and devices for intelligent buildings

Distributed control for air-conditioning.

Control access.Full control of elevators.

Global control of automatic doors of airports.

Monitoring of signals in hospitals.

Automation of large installations

Distributed control system (RF or cable) for irrigation.

Distributed control system (RF or cable) for the control of water treatment plants.

Specific instruments

Gas-concentration meter for vehicle-inspection stations.

Off-line tester for car cabling-harness with up to 4096 I/O.

Multiple-signal recorders.

Remote data acquisition and control

Remote multivariable meters.

Remote process-maintenance (control and alarm reception).

Water purification stations.

Renewable energies

Regulators for solar panels with battery-charger output and AC-inverter output.

Control of the tracker mechanism of articulated solar-panels.



Air conditioning - distributed

Electronics for the compressor control unit based on frequency inverters. Electronics for communications (cable and RF) between the modules of the air conditioning system (pipes and automatic shutter).


Safety Systems

Very low comsumption electronics Electronics to be applied to safety systems, including central alarm and distributed detectors. Communications based on wire and also RF (wireless).


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